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Joyful Mindfulness Practice

In person


Union Co, Essendon, Victoria, AU

Rock Maze

Find calmness,
Gain clarity,

Welcome, friend

Are you stressed or anxious in your everyday life? Finding yourself quick to react with anger or uncontrolled outbursts? Do you sometimes question if there is more to life than this?

Welcome. I am so glad you are here. For here begins your journey back home again. Back to calmness. Back to your beautiful authentic self and to your incredible gifts, talents and abilities. Back to the life you were born to live.

Thank you for being here and for being you. 

Sonia xxx

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Image by Henry Be

What is Joyful Wholeness?

Joyful wholeness is your natural state of being. It is an empowered state of aliveness that comes from living in presence and in alignment with your own true nature.

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I guide people to rise above stress and struggle and develop the clarity to move forward and thrive in life.

Sonia is truly just so calming and warm in her presence and her pace and so kind, constantly validating others and smiling warmly. She has a very soothing voice but it feels natural and genuine, not forced at all. I found the loving kindness meditation to be almost ethereal.

- Angie

I really enjoyed the sessions with Sonia, she was extremely calm and the way she gave the instructions was precise with a soft tone to her voice. she knew exactly when to break and how long to break for. I had never tried meditation before and it was a great introduction into it. I will certainly be joining more sessions Sonia runs.

- Jayde

Sonia had the most beautiful tone, so relaxing and so trustworthy. This had so much meaning for me and I loved having a guided meditation rather than doing a youtube audio. I felt so light after every session. Thank you such for your beautiful guidance Sonia!

- Eva

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