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Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful technique which works to realign the energy centres of the body and create a sense of calm and well-being. It encourages the body's own natural capacity to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually through promoting deep relaxation and enabling energy to flow freely through the body and energetic field.


Each Reiki session is a deeply unique and personal experience. As you lie comfortably on the table, I place my hands gently on or near your body, focusing on your energy centres or chakras. Your experience can vary widely, from sensations of warmth or tingling to an overwhelming sense of peace or a profound emotional release. 

Depending on your own unique requirements, sessions may include crystal healing, sound healing, light language transmission, card readings and intuitive guidance.

Sessions are held in my home studio in Strathmore, Victoria, Australia or online to anywhere in the world via Zoom. My intention is to create a safe and supportive space which honours your emotional, physical and spiritual needs. It is a space free of judgement or expectations where you are called to be authentically you. 

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