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Meditation Magic

A meditation technique for busy people with busy minds


Meditation Magic was created for busy people with busy lives. It’s an easy to learn technique ideal for people who struggle to keep focused in meditation.


Meditation Magic combines three mindfulness and meditation techniques to create a powerful meditation practice, that when used for just 15 minutes per day can have profound impact on your life. You’ll be calmer, more focused, experience improved sleep, have more clarity and increased creativity.

In this three hour workshop, you will learn this very simple and effective meditation technique in three easy steps, and learn how to implement it in your life. 

Plus receive ongoing support over the next 4 weeks as you introduce this practice into your daily routine.

Stressed Woman

Does this sound familiar?

Are you stressed, easily agitated or overwhelmed? Do you suffer from anxiety? Or have trouble falling asleep at night?

Perhaps you have tried meditation before but you struggle to 'clear your mind' or you fall asleep instead. Or perhaps you just don't have time to fit meditation into your day.

Meditation is a skill that will change your life

You may have experienced a guided meditation and have seen first hand how meditation can immediately reduce stress.

But did you know that a daily meditation practice has far reaching benefits that impact your whole life?

There are literally thousands of published scientific studies that demonstrate daily meditation improves sleep, reduces anxiety, improves memory capacity and increases creativity.

Yellow Flower

Did you say daily meditation? Who has time for that? 

Time is precious. So if you are going to the effort of putting aside time to meditate daily, you want it to be effective. The most benefit with the smallest amount of effort.


So what if there was a technique that took just 15 mins per day and resulted in more calmness, better ability to focus, more clarity and improved sleep? 

15 Minutes Per Day

Would you invest 15 minutes of your day to achieve more calmness, better focus, more clarity and improved sleep?

Fifteen minutes. That's 1% of your day.

The Meditation Magic technique combines 3 mindfulness and meditation techniques to create a single powerful meditation practice, that when used daily will create profound improvements in your life. 

And all it takes is 15 minutes.

The Details

The Meditation Magic technique is taught over a 3 hour workshop.

Light refreshments and all materials provided.

Places are limited. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Sunday 23rd June

11am - 2pm

Union Co

72a Lincoln Rd 


Investment  $75

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