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Superconscious Coaching Discovery Call

  • 30 min
  • Strathmore|Online


You are a creator. You are a magnificent being of light who is here to experience life in human form. Everything that you need to thrive in this life time already exists within you. I see you in your greatness. I see your fullest potential. And my role as your coach is to hold you in your greatness and support you in expressing yourself in your highest potential into the world. As creators, we are creating all of the time. We are constantly driving the outcome of our lives. However, most of us are creating unconsciously, unaware of our own creative power. We see ourselves as victims to our circumstances, with little or no power to have what we really want. In reality we have the ability to rise above our circumstances and create a life filled with magic. As your coach, we'll look at what it is that fills you, that your heart wants to create and experience, and what's holding you back from having those experiences right now. You'll be given the tools and the skills to step beyond your circumstances and into the drivers seat of your life. Perhaps it is a loving, intimate relationship, travel adventures exploring different cultures, expressing yourself through art or perhaps you want to create a business that aligns to your passion. Often these are experiences that you may have denied yourself because they don't seem possible, there's not enough time or money, or perhaps because it seems that there are more important priorities right now. The truth is that you are allowed to have these experiences, simply for the sake of experiencing them and there are no circumstances that preclude you from having them. My focus is not on fixing you because I see you as whole and not broken. I guide you to live in the creative orientation - focusing on what your heart would love to create, rather than problem solving, fixing and getting caught up in drama and dilemmas. It is a whole new way of being in the world. As your coach, my focus is in guiding you to live in alignment with your authentic self, creating a life that fills your heart. You will be empowered to become the predominant creative force of your own life, having the skills to create the relationships, work and pleasure that nourish your entire being. The Detail: * 2 x 60min one-on-one sessions per month. Sessions are held online via Zoom or in person at my Strathmore studio * 3 month or 12 month package options

Cancellation Policy

If, for some reason you are unable to attend a class, please contact Refunds cannot be provided, however you are welcome to reschedule to another session.

Contact Details

  • 0413767102

  • 0413767102

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